22nd February 2021

Diaprost Announces Promising New Study for Patients with Metastatic PCa

Diaprost announced today a publication in the journal of Clinical Cancer Research on PSA-targeted Alpha-, Beta- and Positron Emitting Immuno-Theranostics in Murine Prostate Cancer Models and Non-Human Primates.

The extensive preclinical study was conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) on Diaprost’s propriety antibody (hu5A10) targeting PSA. This rigorous preclinical evaluation of radiolabeled hu5A10-based compounds in prostate cancer (PCa) mouse models and non-human primates, establishes hu5A10 as a promising theranostic (therapy and diagnostic) agent that allows specific and effective delivery of radionuclides to androgen receptor driven prostate tissue. The reported data strongly supports Diaprost’s planned efforts to translate h5A10 to patients.

Press Release Diaprost February 22, 2021

Pressmeddelande Diaprost 22 februari, 2021

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